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How it is made: teflon capacitor FT-3
Many of our customers are always asking what Teflon capacitor and how it is made. For a visual example, we was sacrificed new capacitor FT-3 0.22uf 600V. Capacitors with other capacitances and voltage have a similar structure. We have made ​​two cuts in both ends of the capacitor. This...
Size of capacitors
Menu: Datasheet for K40Y-9 capacitors include size Datasheet for K42Y-2 capacitors include size Datasheet for K75-10 capacitors include size Capacitor K40Y-9 and K42Y-2 inside photo Capacitor K75-10 inside photo Size K40Y-9 and K40Y-9V:...
Symbols of radio Tubes
Receiver tubes System of a designation of the Russian radio tubes, made in the USSR, made under the standard GOST 13393-76 and have usually four elements.  The first element  - number, means a ailament voltage in volt (approximately). The second element  - letter, designating...
Datasheets and characteristics Russian tubes
The USA tubes and their Soviet (Russian) analogues:  here Download the DjVu Browser Plug-in for Windows:  here Tube File Tube File Tube File 12J1L 6J32B 6N8S...
How to use 6N1P and 6N2P Russian tube
6N1P and 6N2P are the most popular small signal twin triodes in Russian audio. Download datasheet for this tubes  here . They was thought as 9 pin replacements for octal 6H8C (6SN7 GT) and 6H9C (6SL7 GT) respectively. Both have built - in shield. Great tubes with great sound. In...
Types of Russian capacitors
BM - Paper Small-sized BMT - Paper Small-sized Temperature the proof MBG - Metallized Paper Hermetic sealing MBGO - Metallized Paper Hermetic sealing Single-layered (used in constant and pulsing chains of a current) MBGT - Metallized Paper Hermetic sealing Temperature the proof MBGCh...
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