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IN- nixie series

Symbolic indicators glow - tubes can highlight the numbers from 0 to 9 and have the most comfortable configuration digits for reading. Because of a simple device design tubes displaying figures being cathodes device are executing (rather than individual segments, segments). Tube filled with an inert gas neon. When the anode and cathode an electric potential is applied from 120 to 180 volts DC, there is a glow near the cathode.

First discharge indicators were developed in 1952 by brothers Haydu and later sold the company Burroughs Business Machines. Name Nixie got from reducing NIX 1 Eng. «Numerical Indicator eXperimental 1". The name stuck for the entire line of these indicators and become a household name. In particular, the Russian indicators IN-14 in western catalogs recorded as IN-14 Nixie.

Discharge indicators were used in calculators, in the measuring equipment, the first computers in aerospace engineering and submarines, in elevator signs and displays information on the stock exchange in New York. Specifically for managing discharge indicators was developed chip K155ID1 (or ceramic analog KM155ID1) decoder and its western analogue 74141

The linear discharge indicators are divided into:

  • continuous analog control, which presented models IN-9 and IN-13. IN-9 nixie tubes and IN-13, designed specifically for use as indicators in a fully semiconductor equipment. They were produced until the mid-1990s, and have been used in many different techniques, from voltmeters to scales of FM stereo tuner;
  • discrete digital control, for example, IN-20 and IN-26.

Symbolic indicators presented models with characters as numbers : IN-1 , IN-2, IN-4, IN-8, IN-8-2, IN-12A, IN-12B, IN-14, IN-16, IN-17, IN-18 and with signs in the form of letters, symbols of physical quantities and other special characters : IN-5A, IN-5B, IN-7, IN-7A, IN- 7B, IN-15A, IN-15B, IN-19A, IN-19B, IN-19V.

IN-14 indicators used in calculators " Electronics-155 ", " Spark" of different models, all kinds of laboratory instrumentation . Indicators similar to IN-1 or IN-4, used in machines for dispensing coins, small IN-2 - in vending machines on commuter trains.

Over recent years the popularity of discharge indicators increased due to their unusual antique look. They emit a soft neon orange or violet light. Several companies offer watches and other structures, using gas-discharge indicators. For buildings such clocks used wood, steel, acrylic plastic. Typically, these watches have a small functional and are purely aesthetic function.

Since the beginning of the 1950s to the 1970s, indicators built on the principle of gas discharge were major in engineering. Later, they were replaced by LED, vacuum-fluorescent and LCDs, and are quite rare today. Currently, most titles discharge indicators no longer produced. One of the technical shortcomings in the gas-discharge indicator is that the figures are stacked one behind the other, overlapping each other.


IN- nixie series

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