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6D22S = EY500 tube. Svetlana factory NIB

Manufacturers: Svetlana, St. Peterburg, Russia
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The Svetlana 6D22S is a glass-envelope power diode for use as a half-wave B+ rectifier in high-quality audio amplifiers. Originally intended for colorTV damper-diode service, the 6D22S is similar to the 6DL3 except for base connections and some ratings. The 6D22S features very slow warmup (30 seconds typical), making it an excellent, rugged power-on delay device for audio amplifiers.

Its warm-up time is longer than that of common rectifier tubes (such as the 5AR4 / GZ34), and it is lower in cost than electronic delay relays.

Its heater may be operated from the same supply as other tubes in amplifier, up to Vb=600 volts. Its high pulse current capability gives sound quality which is superior to commonly-used rectifier tubes.

All tubes new, military equipment and have "OTK" mark. Near equivalent: EY500.
The tube is manufactured by the Svetlana, St. Peterburg, Russia.

General characteristics:
Name: 6D22S
Cathode: Oxide-coated, unipotential
Voltage (AC or DC): 6.3 volts AC or DC (± 0.6 volts)
Current: 1.9 Amps
Heater-cathode voltage: +200 volts, -600 volts, continuous
Interelectrode capacitances (typical):
-Anode to cathode 12.0 pF

Mechanical characteristics:
Base: standard 9-pin magnoval, glass button
Socket: SK509 or similar
Cathode connector: 1/4" sweep-tube size (PC509 or similar)
Operating position: Any (vertical for convection cooling)
Nominal dimensions:
- Height of glass envelope 76.0 mm (2.99 in.)
- Diameter of glass envelope 28.5 mm (1.12 in.)
- Overall height 95 mm (3.74 in.)
Net weight: 80 g ( 2.82 oz.)

Maximum ratings:
Peak inverse anode voltage: 6000 V
Peak anode current: 1 A
Anode current, continuous: 300 mA
Anode dissipation: 11 W
Envelope temperature: 200C

All datasheets here.



Manufacturers: Svetlana, St. Peterburg, Russia
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