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6F3P = 6BM8 = ECL82 tube. Matched pair. Gold-platinum grid

Manufacturers: Svetlana, St. Peterburg, Russia
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The 6F3P triode-pentode is designed for operation in low-frequency amplifiers and in vertical sweep stages of television receivers having a kinescope beam deflection angle of 70 to 110.

The 6F3P triode-pentode are miniature devices enclosed in gless bulb and provided with a nine-pins base, rigid leads and an indirectly heaten oxide-coated cathode.

Gold-platinum grid.

Rebranded russian 6F3P, an approximative substitute for ECL82/6BM8. Triode section is pretty close to the original but the pentode is not, especially if you want to maximize output power. Original NOS ECL82 are easy to get and if you can raise heater voltage to 16V try PCL82, even easier to find.

The accuracy of matching a pair no less ±95%. Matched with our HI-END tube tester L3-3.

All tubes new, military equipment and have "OTK" mark. Near equivalent: 6BM8 and ECL82.

General characteristics:
Name: 6F3P
Type: triode-penthode
Application: LF amplification and in TV scan modules
Cathode type: oxide, indirect heating
Envelope: glass,miniature
Filament voltage, Volt: 6.3
Anode voltage of triode, Volt: 170
Grid voltage of triode, Volt: -1.5
Anode voltage of pentode, Volt: 170
1st grid voltage of pentode, Volt: -11.5
2nd grid voltage of pentode, Volt: 170
Resistance in cathode circuit, Om: 680
Mass, g: 25

All datasheets here.



Manufacturers: Svetlana plant
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