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6J9P = E180F = 6688 tube. Pentode

Manufacturers: Oktjbr', Vinnitsa, Ukraine
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The 6J9P (6Ж9П) high-frequency short-characteristic pentode has been designed for use in wide-band amplifiers of electronic devices.

Cathode: indirectly heater, oxide-coated.

The 6J9P pentodes are resistant to ambient temperature from -45 to +70°C and relative humidity of 95 to 98% at +20В°C, as well as to vibration with an acceleration (from 1 to 60Hz) of 2 g.

All tubes new, military equipment and have "OTK" mark. Near equivalent: E180F and 6688.
The tube is manufactured by the Oktjbr', Vinnitsa, Ukraine.

General characteristics:
Type: 6J9P
Filament voltage, V: 6,3 ± 0,6
Filament current, mA: 300 ± 95
Anode voltage nominal, V: 150
Anode voltage limit, V: 250
Anode voltage limit (constant) in a locked tube (anode current up to 5 mA), V: 300
Anode, mA: 15 ± 4
Cathode current limit, mA: 35
Voltage grid of the first limit, V: -100
Backlash of the first (note 2) when the voltage across it
minus 2, uA: 0.3
Second nominal grid voltage, V: 150
A second threshold voltage grid, V: 160
A second threshold voltage grid (constant) for the closed tube (anode current up to 5 mA), V: 300
Second grid current, mA: 4.5
Third grid voltage, V: 0
The power dissipated by the anode, the maximum, W: 3
The power dissipated by the second grid, maximum, W: 0.75
The voltage between the cathode and heater
Limit (DC):
- at a negative potential heater, V: 150
- at a positive potential heater, V: 100
Slope, ma/V: 17,5 ± 3,5
Cut-off voltage of the electron current of the first grid, V: -1.1
The internal resistance, mW: 0.15
Equivalent resistance, ohms: 350
Input impedance at the frequency of 60 MHz, kW: 5
Resistance in the cathode circuit to automatically offset, oHm: 80
Resistance in the grid of the first limit, MOm: 1
Input capacity, pF: 8,5 ± 1
Output capacity, pF: 3,0 ± 0,5
Capacity-through, pF: 0.03
Capacitance cathode - heater, pF: 7
Design: miniature glass
Weight, g: 15

All datasheets here.



Manufacturers: Oktjbr', Vinnitsa, Ukraine
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