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6N1P = E88CC = 6922 = 6DJ8 tube. Matched pair

Manufacturers: Voshod, Kaluga, Russia
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The 6N1P is a Russian-made miniature 9-pin medium gain double triode vacuum tube intended for use as a line audio amplifier and cathode driver.

Warm sound with great high frequency extension. Because of their robust construction and wide plate voltage range, they are recommended for those troublesome preamps that are hard on tubes.

The accuracy of matching a pair no less ±95%. Matched with our HI-END tube tester L3-3.

All tubes new, military equipment and have "OTK" mark. Near equivalent: 6922, 6DJ8 and E88CC.
The tube is manufactured by the "Voshod" plant in Kaluga, Russia. Have date codes of 196x years.

General characteristics:
Type: 6N1P
Filament (heater) current, mA: 600±50
Anode current, mA: 5,6 - 10,5
Reverse grid current, mkA: <1 br=""> Dissipate cathode-heater current, mkA: <15 br=""> Mutual conductance, mA/V: 4,5±1,0
Gain coefficient: 35±7
Vibration noise (by RA=2 KOhm), mV: <100 br=""> Inter electrode capacitance, pF:
- input: 3,1±1,1
- output 1st triode: 1.6±0.5
- output 2nd triode: 1.7±0.5
- transfer: 1.85±2.2
Operation period, hrs: >3000

Limited operating values:
Filament voltage, V: 5,7-7
Anode voltage, V: 300
Cathode - heater voltage, V: 100
Cathode current, mA: 25
Anode dissipation (each triode), W: 2,2
Resistance in grid circuit, MOhm: 1

Operating environmental conditions:
Acceleration of vibration loads, g: 2,5
by frequencies, Hz: --
Acceleration of multiple impacts, g: 12
Acceleration of single impact, g: -
Continuos acceleration, g: -
Ambient temperature, C: -60 to +70
Relative humidity at up to 40 C, %: 98

All datasheets here.
How to use 6N1P and 6N2P see here.



Manufacturers: Voshod, Kaluga, Russia
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